Endangered Missing Adult Alert

The Endangered Missing Adult Alert was created to enlist the help of the public to find a missing adult, where the circumstances put the missing person’s life at risk of serious bodily harm or death if they are not located quickly. The following criteria must be met to initiate an Endangered Missing Adult Alert:

  1. Law enforcement confirms the individual is missing.
  2. Law enforcement confirms the individual is 65 years of age or older or is an adult who has a mental impairment.
  3. Law enforcement believes the disappearance of the individual poses a credible threat of immediate danger of serious bodily harm or death to the individual.
  4. There is sufficient descriptive information about the individual and the circumstances surrounding the disappearance that the alert activation will help locate the individual.

This alert is most commonly issued for a missing elderly person (65 year old or older) who suffers from Alzheimer’s or other related illness. The alert is also issued for any age missing adult who suffers from serious mental illness to such extent they cannot take care for themselves.

EMA Alert

About Endangered Missing Adult Alert